Rock Light Platinum Rock Light Platinum RL-1600 Mercury Led

  • Rs. 1,999.00

  • Light output of search lght - 350 Lumen
  • Dia of search light - 273 mm
  • Wattage of lamp - 3 Watt
  • Effective distance of search light - 1300 Metre
  • Lamp dimming upto - 10 %


Type Of Lamp Halogen
Light Output Of Search Lght 350 Lumen
Dia Of Search Light 273 mm
Wattage Of Lamp 3 Watt
Color Temperature wight Degree K
Effective Distance Of Search Light 1300 Metre
Lamp Life 8 Hours
Lamp Dimming Continuous
Lamp Dimming Upto 10 %
Beam Angle Selection Wide
Range Of Narrow Beam Angle 45 Degree
Range Of Wide Beam Angle 45 Degree
Type Of Front Glass Toughened, scratch resistant
Continuous Search Light Operation Time At Maximum Lumen Output 8 Hours
One Hand Operated Switch Yes
Built-in Battery Charger Yes
Type Of Battery Lithium ion
Battery Voltage 3.7 Volts
Battery Capacity 4000 AH
Battery Charging Time 8 Hours
Short Circuit Protection Yes
Protection From Battery Over-discharge Yes
Protection From Battery Over-charge Yes
Protection Against Reverse Polarity Yes
Provision Of Lanyard/ Strap Yes
Rugged,impact &water Resistant Material Of Housing Yes
Type Of Housing Material ALUMINIUM
IP Designation For Ingress Protection 66
Operating Temperature Range 30 Degree C
Operating Relative Humidity Range 10 %
Availability Of Type Test Report From Central Government/NABL/ILAC Accridiated Laboratory To Prove Conformity To The Specification Yes
Test Report Number na
Date Of Test Report na
Name And Address Of Laboratory na
Accessories Such As Spare Lamp, Battery,charger,lens To Be Supplied Yes
Gross Weight Of Torch 300 gm