Spy Reading Glasses Camera

  • Rs. 2,199.00

only and there are no other seller of this brand . 1. Kindly Open the product and keep on charge for 1 hour (charging can be done through laptop 1. Start Video Audio Recording : 1st insert the memory card on left hand side of the specks ,2. Hold the on / off button for 3 red & blue light will get on than turn it to red that means stand by mode 1. Press that same button 3 sec again red light flashes 3 times that means recording has started , 1. To stop recording : hold the on / off button for 5 sec red & blue light flashes 2 times that means recording has stopped 1. Kindly switch of the Specks camera & than attached in to the computer .3. IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO SEE THE VIDEO AND ONLY AUDIO SOUND IS COMING SO PLEASE KINDLY DOWNLOAD THE VLC MEDIA PLAYER TO PLAY THE FILE